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This gift box is a unique self care gift for a woman that has everything!


  • 1 X lavender and clay bead pad (9.4” X 6”)
  • 1 X lavender and clay bead pad eye pillow (9” X 4”)
  • 1 X Himalayan salt ball
  • 1 X storage bag

The plush fabric is a stunning color and is luxuriously soft

The pad filling and eye pillow filling is made with natural lavender buds and clay beads

As the filling is 3% lavender flower, the fragrance is not overbearing.

The fragrance works as an anxiolytic, to encourage relaxation, calmness, and wellness.

It's also said to help reduce stress, anxiety, quiets the brain and nervous system activity, bringing on harmony of body and mind.

Hot/cold therapy relieves the discomfort caused by inflammation and swelling. Heat penetrates into muscle tissue, easing tension. Pads can be used on any sore and stiff body part

The massage ball is made with 100% Himalayan salt from Pakistan.

Himalayan salts naturally draw out toxins to purify, ease aches and bring on a state of relaxation to mind and body