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  • 4 reusable gel packs (7.8' X 6.5')
  • 4 washable covers
  • 1 set of adjustable bra straps
  • 1 storage back

There are 4 packs for convenient rotation; 2 for heating, 2 always ready to go straight from the fridge or freezer. 4 dark washable covers, reducing visibility of stains.

Hot and cold therapy is recommended as a natural and safe way to relieve discomfort and pain, often experienced while breastfeeding.

This set provides several solutions to confront these challenges, helping Mum and baby along the incredible journey of breastfeeding

Hot and Cold therapy will relieve pain caused by engorgement, swelling, clogged milk ducts and mastitis

Heat encourages milk let-down and assists to fully empty the breast, increasing milk supply. Wrap hot pack around flange of manual/electric breast pump to speed up milk flow and reduce time spent pumping

The section gel bead design allows packs to conform comfortably to the breast and insure an even distribution of temperature. These are larger than most other packs, so cover more of your breast. Plush covers are soft against the skin and nipples. No sharp edges rubbing or scratching through thin fabric covers

A constrictive bra can contribute to clogged ducts, so why wear one? Attach the straps and enjoy the comfort and freedom you so deserve.

Straps can be removed, however please note, due to the large size of the pads, if tucked into your bra these pads may not be discreet.

Heat the packs, attach straps and you will have easy access to massage the infected area, an effective way to release clogged milk ducts and assist with mastitis recovery – recommended by doctors

Use this therapy from the start of your breastfeeding journey, it will decrease how often you need to endure these stressful, painful episodes and medication

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed, as it seems there is so much to remember and do. Stress can affect milk supply and your baby will feel this tension too.

Mum make this a breastfeeding essentials item on your registry. Give yourself one less thing to worry about, you will be prepared, so you and baby can truly feel relaxed and enjoy this deeply bonding experience together

If you know a special mom to be, this is a beautiful unique baby shower gift. Lovely embroidery and luxurious fabric. A new mum will truly appreciate the thought put into selecting this gift which will assist her through her breastfeeding journey.

INSTRUCTIONS: place flat so liquid is spread evenly (detailed instructions on packaging)

HEAT THERAPY - Microwave 11-16 Sec (watt dependent) or place in boiling water 3-5 mins

COLD THERAPY - Freeze 30+ mins, or refrigerate 60+ mins