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  • 1 hot/cold clay bead eye mask
  • 1 multi-use hot/cold clay bead neck & shoulder wrap
  • 1 small storage bag with appreciation quote

We put extra care into the gorgeous high-quality packaging design. She will be overwhelmed when she unwraps your memorable gift.

Beautifully embroidered on the storage bag are these words of appreciation

“Thank you for the care you give with your hands, the love your give with your heart and the support your give with your shoulders, you are truly special”

We chose the neck/shoulder/back wrap, and quote to emphasis and acknowledge the following - Most Women carry the world on their shoulders, metaphorically as well as literally. In many cases taking on a caregivers role, providing emotional and physical support, loving unconditionally and lifting others up.


Cold and hot therapy relieves dry, itchy puffy eyes and eye fatigue.

Cold therapy can sooth headache pain, help reduce the bags under the eyes and appearance of dark circles.

Warm masks are commonly used to relieve sinus congestion.

Used warm before bed, will relax, sooth eyes and prepare you for a peaceful night sleep.


Cold therapy reduces blood flow to a particular area, which can significantly reduce inflammation and swelling, relieving discomfort and pain.

Moist Heat Therapy penetrates deeper and quicker than dry heat, at the same temperature. It improves circulation, soothes ache and tension, increases muscle flexibility, and heals damaged tissue.

This wrap can be wrapped around most sore and aching joints. It has two convenient, durable handles so it can be easily positioned and held on the targeted area.


The filling is 3% lavender flower, therefore fragrance is not overbearing. The fragrance works as an anxiolytic, to encourage relaxation, calmness, and wellness.
It's also said to help reduce stress, anxiety, quiets the brain and nervous system activity, bringing on harmony of body and mind.

Natural clay micro-beads technology uses NON-TOXIC mineral material.
The beads gather and retain moister from the air and are activated when heated in the microwave. Moist heat therapy uses water, so it does not cause dehydration.

Unless an oil or fragrance filler is added for an aromatherapy effect, clay beads do not release an odor, like most other natural fillings

Clay beads are chosen as a heat pack filling due to their durability, longevity and dust-free quality


Remove inner packs from covers before cooling, heating or washing:
Heat Therapy - Microwave 10 - 40 secs, dependent on your microwave wattage
Cold Therapy - Refrigerator/freezer: 2+ hrs, or until desired temperature is achieved